Three women, all  singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalists join forces for a unique project: Reviving the sublime music of Joni Mitchell with three powerful voices and a busload of instruments. 

The Joni Project was formed in 2021 for the 50th anniversary of Joni Mitchell’s legendary album „Blue“, bringing the masterpiece to the stage in its entirety. They celebrated their premiere with two sold-out concerts at the Elbphilharmonie Open Air in Hamburg followed by many more stirring shows around Germany during which the project developed into a band

Anne de Wolff, known for her collaboration with BAP or Calexico, the Dutch singer and composer Iris Romen and Hamburg’s Beatles expert and interpreter Stefanie Hempel dare to tackle the holy grail of songwriting. No album has coined the term singer-songwriter like „Blue“ has. In its unapologetic self-reflection, loneliness and vulnerability, the album set new standards in the world of pop and, above all, opened the doors wide for the female voice and narrative.

With new interpretations full of colourful instrumentation, the three musicians bring Joni’s bittersweet songs from „All I Want“, to „California“ and „River“ to the stage with all their nuances, their shadows and light. Joni Mitchell’s songs are said to be “confessional“, they are often sad and always honest. But at the same time these songs radiate with wit, spirit, childlike wisdom and poetry.

With a wealth of knowledge and humour, The Joni Project also tells the stories behind the songs and gives an insight into Joni Mitchell’s life during the live shows. The band’s debut album „Shades of Blue“ was released in November 2023. On tour supporting the album, the trio performs „Blue“ and other songs from Mitchell’s oeuvre.

On November 7, 2023, Joni Mitchell celebrated her 80th birthday. To mark the occasion, The Joni Project designed and organized a grand, sold-out birthday show at Kampnagel in Hamburg with many musical guests such as Lisa Bassenge, Gitte Haenning, Niels Frevert or CATT.

„We live in the time of Joni Mitchell“, says Brandi Carlile.
Mitchell’s timeless songs and statements are more topical than ever before, as demonstrated by numerous high-profile awards like the Grammy or the Kennedy and Gershwin Prize that Joni received in recent years.

The Joni Project causes „collective enthusiasm“ with their versions, writes the Hamburger Abendblatt in November 2023. “The trio has adapted Joni Mitchell as their own. And above all: felt and lived the music and the person.“

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