Three women, three multi-instrumentalists and singer-songwriters join forces for a unique project: the re-interpretation of Joni Mitchell’s beautiful and timeless music. With 16 instruments, three-part harmonies and plenty of background stories.

The Joni Project was formed in 2021, to bring Joni Mitchell’s album „Blue“ to the stage in full-length, in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Anne de Wolff, known from her collaboration with BAP or Calexico, the Dutch singer and composer Iris Romen (Tim Neuhaus, Ben Becker, Astrid North) and Hamburg’s Beatles expert and interpreter Stefanie Hempel dare to tackle the holy grail of songwriting. No album has coined the term singer-songwriter like „Blue“ has.
In its unapologetic self-reflection, loneliness and vulnerability, the album set new standards in the world of pop and, above all, opened the doors wide for the female voice and narrative.

With new interpretations and colourful instrumentations, the three musicians bring Joni’s bittersweet songs from „All I Want“, to „California“ and „River“ to the stage in all their dark and light nuances. And they also want one thing to never be forgotten: Joni Mitchell’s songs are said to be “confessional“, they are often sad and always honest. But at the same time these songs radiate with wit, spirit, childlike wisdom and poetry. 

During their live shows the three musicians also share their love for storytelling, taking the audience on a journey into the stories behind the songs, with a fine sense of humour and much empathy for Joni’s rich biography.

„We live in the time of Joni Mitchell“, says Brandi Carlile.

And as we write the year 2023, Joni Mitchell is still amazing her audience of many generations – with her comeback to the stage and wonderful performances, her surprising collaborations and her radiant presence, hugely appreciated by the whole music world.

In celebration of her 80th birthday, The Joni Project will additionally pick up on many highlights from her musical work through the decades.

When you need your heart torn apart and then put back together again, there is nothing quite like Joni Mitchell’s ‚Songs of Blue‘.


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